Principal, Property Markets Group

Richard Lam

D.C. born and New York bred, Richard Lam began his career in 1987 at the Manhattan real estate investment firm of S.R. Morgan & Co. He handled acquisitions for the firm’s own account, as well as for third party investors.

By 1990, Lam was working with American Overseas Property Company, a partnership that managed several national acquisition and development funds. In the mid-nineties he partnered with two hedge funds which purchased or acquired control of 1,000 hotel rooms and $100 million in REO land in California. After disposing of those assets, Lam brought a loft conversion to Kevin Maloney for financing and began his work with PMG.

Since joining PMG in 2000, he has assisted in the acquisition and real estate development of properties from New York to South Carolina to Florida. He has played a key role in adding commercial, residential, and resort real estate holding to the firm’s extensive portfolio.